Setting Boundaries After Trauma with Yvany Peery

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Trigger warnings:

Residential schools
Childhood abuse

We’re having a lot more conversations about trauma. But are we having the right conversations?

And do we really know what we’re talking about? Should we even try to help people who are recovering from traumatic events if we don’t specialize in this work?

In this episode, Yvany Peery, MSW, Clinical Social Worker, and I dig deep into the reasons why some people can move through traumatic events more easily, while others struggle, and how experiencing traumatic events can alter your ability to set and keep the right boundaries for yourself.  You’re going to discover why some people seem to emerge from traumatic events with little effect on their lives, while others struggle for years. You’ll also find out why many people lose the ability to set healthy boundaries after experiencing a traumatic event.

Ms. Peery, MSW, Clinical Social worker, is a practicing clinical social worker specializing in traumatic stress and anxiety disorders. She is a Maryland Social Work Board supervisor, and has an active consultation practice working with new therapists and social work interns.  Ms Peery has also served as a social work field instructor and preceptor for the University of Maryland School of Social Work; the University of Maryland School of Nursing; Johns Hopkins Master of Science Program in Counseling; Capella University MSW program, and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. 

Ms. Peery brings her background in the Arts and Humanities to her practice with clients through her use of somatic bodywork, and by addressing the client’s strength through creativity and curiosity.  Somatic Experiencing; the Internal Family Systems framework, and focus on cognitive awareness of thought processes about Self inform her practice.  She is currently in private practice in the DC Metro area through the DC Talk Therapy group.

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4:19 Are your feelings leading you to the right conclusion?

9:31 Ways to invalidate someone else’s traumatic experience.

13:48 Retraumatizing people of color

15:04 Post-traumatic growth

22:05 How traumatic experiences cause us to question our own abilities to manage situations

23:27 The key to recovering from traumatic events

27:42 How our bodies help us manage traumatic events

33:55 Body sense and boundaries

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