I help professionals like YOU choose – and KEEP – new healthy boundaries so you can break out of burnout and reach your career goals faster, and with more ease.

I help professionals like YOU choose – and KEEP – new healthy boundaries so you can break out of burnout and reach your career goals faster, and with more ease.

Allow yourself the gift of a restful moment to imagine:

  • What would your life be like when you consistently choose CONSISTENT CALM instead of BURNOUT?
  • WHO will you BE when you finally put yourself FIRST your personal life back? 
  • How will your career grow and bring you joy when you choose YOUR priorities first?

You’re a professional, and you’re SO PROUD of the work you do.


You feel like you’re NOT doing your best work right now, thanks to the constant pressures of keeping up with the changing rules and expectations of others.


That carrot keeps dangling in front of you in the form of time off, a bonus, a raise, or something else that your boss keeps promising you, but no matter how fast you run or how determined you are, you. can’t. get. there.

You’re so damn frustrated. You’re at the last ounce of energy you can possibly give, and you’re starting to feel embarrassed.  

Your reputation is at risk.


In this moment, you FEEL it. That pressure is weighing on your body and mind. Your relationships are starting to erode because your patience is waning, and you’re starting to feel resentful that people just don’t know that you really need support right now.

And yet…you don’t ask for that support. 

I can help you: Confidentially, safely, and at YOUR pace.

Just you and I on Zoom, for 30 minutes. Let’s explore how we can partner in a coaching relationship that will help you set new boundaries on your precious time and help you get your life and yourself back. (I mean, do you even know you YOU are anymore?)

I highly recommend a life coaching session with Merideth. She has a way of listening that allowed me to be more open to sharing my current challenges. What felt confusing turned into a tangible and more manageable understanding of my current situation, which she provided while also giving some insight and a balanced expectation that allows for forward motion towards a new future.
Merideth has a way about her, a calm centeredness, an easy going humor, a straight up truth sayer that allows for the exploration of monetary and life situations from an alternative perspective that was difficult to achieve on my own, all while creating a safe space for processing that lead to deep and helpful insight. It felt nonjudgmental and straightforward and provided information that I can apply immediately and also that I can deepen when I have more time. Merideth did this just through gentle nudging and questioning and chiming into reflections with alternatives. She provided some concrete resources I can explore and a different framework to approach my money management with more curiosity and less shame or judgment. 
I felt looked after and cared for during the entire process. I am grateful to have found myself in Merideth’s path, and for the tools and insights she shared with me.
Illana H.

Executive Director, Qualicum Beach, Canada