Trusting Your Gut During the Pandemic with Yvany Peery

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The pandemic has tested our boundaries like no other time in our lives. Not only is the pandemic lending itself to debate, argument and division, but a light has shone glaringly on individuals and groups of people marginalized by the system, and rightly so. Everyone seems to have something to say, and it seems that no one can agree on the right way forward during each twist and turn that COVID takes us on.

In this episode, I speak with psycho-therapist Yvany Peery who brings calmness and sense to the confusion that you feel about why people appear to be living different realities despite the fact that we’re all living in the same world.

Ms. Peery, MSW, Clinical Social worker, is a practicing clinical social worker specializing in traumatic stress and anxiety disorders. She is a Maryland Social Work Board supervisor, and has an active consultation practice working with new therapists and social work interns.  Ms Peery has also served as a social work field instructor and preceptor for the University of Maryland School of Social Work; the University of Maryland School of Nursing; Johns Hopkins Master of Science Program in Counseling; Capella University MSW program, and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. 

Ms. Peery brings her background in the Arts and Humanities to her practice with clients through her use of somatic bodywork, and by addressing the client’s strength through creativity and curiosity.  Somatic Experiencing; the Internal Family Systems framework, and focus on cognitive awareness of thought processes about Self inform her practice.  She is currently in private practice in the DC Metro area through the DC Talk Therapy group.

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8:59 How social media advance our own agendas.

10:14 Overvalued ideas versus delusions, and how these influence our boundaries.

12:05 Opens up a conversation about how we manage our boundaries in the scope of personal freedom.

16:08 Can our own truths actually be objective?

20:44 The vagus nerve and how we can affect it in our favour and self-regulate.

24:26 Self-acceptance and valuing ideas about emotions that aren’t helpful to you.

27:47 The danger of suppressing anger.

31:25 Self-modulation in social settings; paying attention to your sympathetic and para-sympathetic symptoms; turning your body back on so you can eat, socialize, etc.

37:41 Attuning your your system to optimally connect with others.

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