What would it be like if you had a job you loved?

Because it’s possible.

And you deserve it.

It’s 100% normal to not like your job some of the time.

You work late hours every once in a while? Sure.

You’ve recently experienced a conflict with a co-worker? Okay, that happens.

You’re not loving your salary, but you’re feeling alright about the experience you’re gaining? Yup, that’s a thing.


What’s NOT normal?

Working at a job that you can’t stand, for a salary that has you just scraping by, and for a boss that you can’t trust.

No, really, this isn’t normal. Your gut feeling is right: There’s something very wrong, and it’s time to make things right.


The career you desire is within your reach.
You just have to know what you

(And that’s the hard part, right?)

 This is the part where I encourage to take a moment – a short, quiet moment – to think about what it would be like if:

  • Your job energizes you every day and you wake up looking forward to starting your day.
  • You work well with your coworkers despite your differences, and resolving conflicts feels easier.
  • You feel safe at work because you trust your boss and they have your back.
  • You feel comfortable at work because the company culture values different perspectives and experiences.
  • You feel properly compensated for the work you do.
  • You can leave your work at the office and enjoy the other parts of your life when you’ve turned work off for the day. (Imagine that!)

This isn’t a fantasy. With time, self-reflection and a healthy dose of what feels like courageous steps, you can create exactly this work situation for yourself.

“But Merideth, it all feels SO damn hard, and frankly, I have no idea where to begin when it comes to shifting my career.”


Don’t worry. I gotcha.

I’m here to to partner with you so that you don’t have to do this alone.

And by “this,” I mean the tough bits that come with upleveling your career, like:

  • deciding which tough conversations to have with your boss;
  • figuring out your next steps when you don’t trust your boss and/or the leadership at your workplace;
  • asking for a raise;
  • setting boundaries on your time and scope of work;
  • and, putting yourself forward for a promotion, even when there isn’t a higher-level job advertised.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting you as you discover what you REALLY want from your job, where you’re going to draw some hard lines, and maybe even when you might want to step away from the job you work at now.

You have some tough questions to answer right now, and you know that you need time to explore your current situation, connect with your values, and create a vision for your career that, up to this point, you haven’t allowed yourself to dream up.

“Merideth has a warm and calming presence. I felt at ease immediately. I loved the way she listened to me. I really felt heard. Her questions invited me to reflect on my situation so that I was able to see other options. I left feeling clear on what my next steps would be. I highly recommend her!”

Susan Beauregard

Coach | Business Owner, Sacred Soul Ventures, LLC

Merideth possesses a unique understanding of human boundaries that she harnesses in creating, enabling, and deepening safe space for people and organizations. Her ingenuity makes her one of the top coaches with her niche. Her presence and influence have been instrumental in shaping our relationship and our co-creation, Cedar Aspen Coaching Initiative.

Palash Sanyal

Strategic Partner and Project Manager, Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatoon


A 6-month coaching program for professionals who want to do great work that you love, and get properly compensated for your worth.

This program IS 100% for you because:

✔️ Time is of the essence and you intensely crave the rewards that come from finding and/or creating a job you love for people that you trust.

✔️ You know that “going it alone” will lead to procrastination and self-sabotage, and you’re done with all that.

✔️ You deserve better than constantly working long hours, dealing with a boss you can’t trust, and quietly resenting the out-of-scope tasks you’re doing that you’re not paid for.

✔️ Your want to feel better, think clearly, and exit the burnout you’re experiencing from working a soul-sucking job.

✔️ You want accountability for following through on the things you promise yourself you’re going to do so that things change at work – but so far have avoided.


This program is NOT for you if:

𝗫 You’re looking for someone to tell you what to do. Coaching is all about helping you find the right answers for yourself. It’s a powerful process that results in increased self-motivation.

𝗫 You’re looking for someone to complain to. This program is designed to help you make powerful decisions to resolve the matters that you would otherwise complain about repeatedly and do nothing about.

𝗫 You can’t commit to moving through the hard parts that will lead to change in your work and life. Coaching takes a positive approach to change, but sometimes it’ll still feel hard. (I’ll be there to support you through that.)

Here’s how the program works:

  •  We’ll meet over Zoom for 12 1-hour coaching calls over 6 months, tailored to explore your unique desires, challenges and vision.
  • You’ll access a secure portal that will be our home for chat/email support (Monday through Thursday), document sharing, session notes, your own private journal, a method to measure your progress, and weekly self-reflection exercises.
  • We’ll partner to help you create a  bespoke plan to help you improve the fit of your job, or even find a new job altogether if that’s what you decide is best.
  • It all starts with a vision: Science proves that you’re likely to reach your goals when you have a guiding vision that’s well connected to your values and desires. You’re going to have an opportunity envision – and design – your career in a completely new and expansive way.
  • Create new ways to communicate and protect the boundaries you want to set with your boss and your co-workers, and also communicate expectations.
  • A safe and private space in which you can honestly and creatively explore all aspects of your career: What do you love? What needs to go? What’s the best plan forward?
  • An opportunity to move forward at your own pace, whether that’s baby steps every week or regular big leaps. The choice is yours.
  • Since coaching is a holistic process, you can choose to explore overlapping themes with me, such as finances, health, relationships, self-expression, creative endeavours, etc.

Your Investment:

$1000 CAD* per month (total $6,000 CAD)

2 to 4 hours of your own time per week (your time commitment is flexible and we will focus on getting efficient results for you)

This program is for professionals who recognize the value in investing in your career now so you can improve their quality of work AND life as soon as possible. You desire good health, a clear mind, and healthy relationships so that you can focus on getting your next promotion and making a difference within your organization.

*prices are subject to GST when services are supplied to Canadian clients

You have questions.

I have answers.

What do you mean by “professional”? 

Your job isn’t necessarily one that Western/Eurocentric tradition usually refers to as a “professional,” such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer etc. (Although, one of these may be your role.)

In the case of this program, a professional is anyone who is making a career out of the work you are doing. In other words, you are committed to building upon the skills you have from a job you’ve probably been working at for at least a couple of years. You’re considering hiring me as your coach because you see significant career and potential in the job you’re working in now, and you’re committed to developing your skills so you can see long-term growth.

You are employed, or self-employed and committed to one or two main clients who shape the way you run your busines.


Who’s the perfect candidate for this program? 

While I’m not a fan of the word “perfect” in the context of coaching and career development (nobody’s’s perfect and that’s a great thing), I can tell you that my clients succeed when they commit to self-reflection, allowing themselves to create a vision, are able to answer the question “What do you want?,” and “do the work” every week.

Yes, your life is busy and you likely over-commit right now. But you know the choice you need to make right now is one that supports your personal wellness and your vision for you future. You know that time is of the essence, you’re worth it, and you don’t want to put off taking care of yourself any longer.


What makes you the right coach for me?

The truth? I don’t know, because we haven’t met. That’s why we’re going to meet on a Discovery Call to explore how our partnership will work and whether or not I’m the right coach for you.

I will tell you that I’m an accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the accreditation that organizations seek when sponsoring coaching for their employees. I adhere to the ICF’s code of ethics and I continue professional training in order to maintain my accreditation. My area of focus is leadership and boundary setting in the context of Systems Change, which includes anti-racism and anti-oppression.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a communication-based partnership in which our mutual focus and goal is to help YOU reach your potential.

As your coach, I have only one interest when I support you: YOU, and YOUR desires, challenges, and goals. The only thing that matters in our partnership is what you want, and not what I think you should be doing. In fact, I’m not a consultant and I will never tell you what to do. YOU have the answers within you, and I provide the safe space in which you can talk out loud, because there is immense power in hearing yourself say everything out loud and have an objective partner support you in your reflection.

Coaching is NOT counseling (we don’t delve into the past). I’m not here to “fix” you. (You’re not broken.) And I don’t give advice or tell you what I would do if I was in your shoes.

I am trauma-informed and have the skills needed to ensure that your emotional, physical and mental well-being during our time together is attended to. I also train extensively in anti-racism and anti-oppression to ensure that when we’re working together you can comfortably consider your lived experience as you make your choices in the future, rather than being the proverbial “elephant in the room.”


You mention that I need to put aside 2-4 hours each week. What will I be doing in this time?

Great question! Some of this time will be spent meeting with me on a bi-weekly basis, and continuing to continue with me over our chat/email portal as you move through the commitments you’ve made to yourself.

You’ll also have self-reflective exercises to complete that will allow you to give yourself room in your week for creativity, powerful introspection, and experimenting with new way of being you at work…all with my support right by your side.

Can you help me make more money in my job and get a promotion? 

My guarantee to you is that I help you design and carry out an exceptionally thought-out plan that can lead to you reaching your goals withing in the time we’re working together. It’s important to note that I can’t take the steps for you, so it’s up to you to commit to yourself.

However, when you follow through on the promises you make to yourself to design a career that parallels your values and desires, positive change is inevitable. We’ll measure the progress you set out to make and you’ll have the opportunity to reset your course when needed.


What happens if the program isn’t working out for me?

Your no-obligation Discovery Call with me is your opportunity to learn more about how we will work together and to see if we “jive.”

When you decide to move forward with coaching with me, I’ll be checking in very regularly with you to ensure that you feel that you’re on the right track. Some weeks will be tough, and you may want to throw in the towel if you’re feeling like you’re not getting the traction you wanted. That’s a normal part of change.

However, if the program isn’t a great match for you after all, we can end the coaching partnership and I will refund any fees you’ve paid at a pro-rated rate.

Being coached by Merideth has made a huge impact on my growth as an entrepreneur and leader. She is extremely knowledgeable, and at the same time holds space for me to direct the conversation and come to my own conclusions. Her style of coaching keeps me thinking all week long, and has helped me quickly identify what is holding me back and take action in key areas of my business and life. As someone who works in the private and non-profit sectors, Merideth is able to quickly understand and support me as an entrepreneur and in my leadership role.

Samantha Alper Kramer

Executive Coach | Human Resources Generalist, Self-Employed

I highly recommend a life coaching session with Merideth. She has a way of listening that allowed me to be more open to sharing my current challenges. What felt confusing turned into a tangible and more manageable understanding of my current situation, which she provided while also giving some insight and a balanced expectation that allows for forward motion towards a new future.
Merideth has a way about her, a calm centeredness, an easy going humor, a straight up truth sayer that allows for the exploration of monetary and life situations from an alternative perspective that was difficult to achieve on my own, all while creating a safe space for processing that lead to deep and helpful insight. It felt nonjudgmental and straightforward and provided information that I can apply immediately and also that I can deepen when I have more time. Merideth did this just through gentle nudging and questioning and chiming into reflections with alternatives. She provided some concrete resources I can explore and a different framework to approach my money management with more curiosity and less shame or judgment. 
I felt looked after and cared for during the entire process. I am grateful to have found myself in Merideth’s path, and for the tools and insights she shared with me.
Illana H.

Executive Director, Non-Profit Arts & Culture Organizations

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