EXERCISE: What Will Happen If You Let Yourself…BE Yourself?

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What will you say “yes” to when you weren’t worried about how other people judged your choices?

What job or business would you have?

Or would you take some time off and gift yourself time to figure out what’s next?

What would you let your kids do?

What would you eat, drink and enjoy?

What will you say “no” to if you weren’t worried about how other people judged your choices?

Which invitations would you decline?

If you have a soul-sucking job, would you quit it?

What will it look like when you feel safe enough to say what you’re actually thinking and feeling?

What do you need to feel safe?

What will you say when someone makes comments about your appearance, your culture, your habits, your relationships, your past-times that feel negative or passive-aggressive?

What will you say when people put demands on your time and energy that you can’t possibly accommodate without sacrificing something else, like your well-being or giving up another commitment?

What will you say when someone reaches to hug you and you don’t feel like hugging?

Who will YOU be when you start living your life authentically, speaking up for yourself and doing the things you only dream of right now?






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