Setting Boundaries at Work with Palash Sanyal

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In this episode you’ll meet Palash Sanyal, emotional intelligence coach and conflict resolution specialist. Our conversation quickly dials into how employees and managers navigate setting boundaries in the workplace. We brainstorm ways in which managers can support new employees so they feel comfortable communicating boundaries, and we delve into the various types of boundaries – which is a completely different conversation that will surprise you.

Palash was born and raised in Bangladesh and moved to Canada in 2017. He’s currently based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and his education and background have been tied to water, so he often dares to call himself a water security expert. And as an aside, he also has an engineering degree, and he’s going for his CPA in accountancy.

You can reach out to Palash here:


Cedar Aspen Coaching Aspen

To reach out to Merideth Bisiker, host of the Bound for Change podcast, you can email


4:43 Palash’s definitions of boundaries, including the fluidity of boundaries depending on the context, and the definition of loose boundaries

10:41 Should “Setting Boundaries” be a dedicated section in Employee Orientations?

15:36 The relationship between policies and setting and maintaining boundaries in the workplace

19:50 How emotional intelligence will help individuals navigate uncomfortable situations that arise from unclear boundaries

25:12 Remote and cooperative spaces can be born out of new boundaries being set by management

31:21 Overcommunicating: Is it a help or hindrance in the workplace

35:36 “Button in the shirt factory” analogy: The trend of executives continuing to work on the ground floor to keep in touch with their employees

41:31 Is it appropriate for CEOs to do all the jobs, or should they focus on just doing what they know and have expertise in?

43:47 There should be a class that teaches us how to ask questions

51:52 How you minimize the impact or minimize the loss and make something good out of those situations and people used to do that all the time.


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