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    “Merideth possesses a unique understanding of human boundaries that she harnesses in creating, enabling, and deepening safe space for people and organizations.”

    Palash Sanyal


    Saskatoon, Canada


    Here’s the hard truth about your lousy boss: They’re not going to magically start treating you better. No matter how long you wait for them to change, they won't do it on their own.

    Here’s the other hard truth: No amount of hard work, loyalty, or self-sacrifice will make will make your boss treat you better. In fact, the more you change yourself to accommodate their demands, the worse they'll behave.

    One more (much better) truth: You can take back control of your relationship with your boss by showing up differently at work.

    ✔️ You don't have to make waves and put your job at risk.

    ✔️ You can be yourself. (No power poses or scripts needed.)

    ✔️ You can start this week - and your boss may not even know you're doing it. 😉

    What YOU GET:

    I've created an easy-to-use worksheet that will help you discover a path forward in your relationship with your boss, and work towards:

    • getting your career back on track;
    • opening up more opportunities for promotions and salary increases;
    • build a career that fits your life and values.


    If you're serious about giving yourself the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with your boss and a fulfilling career, download this worksheet now and get started on the road to career expansion.