Cancel Culture or Boundaries with Nancy Ho

*Written transcript to come.

Comedy can make you laugh or…cringe. In this episode, comedian Nancy Ho leads us through an exploration of where boundaries end and cancel culture begins in the arts and entertainment industry.

Key points in our conversation include:
  • Should comedians try to accommodate their audience’s boundaries and manage expectations?
  • How to make cancel culture LESS prevalent;
  • How comedy comes from places of pain;
  • Racism in comedy;
  • Ways to identify our own boundaries;
  • What to do when someone “dumps” their energy on you;
  • What helped Nancy with her boundary setting;
  • The truth about emotional intelligence;
  • And, is it even worth it to “do the work” around setting boundaries?
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6:32: Nancy’s definition of boundaries, and what’s difficult about setting boundaries.

8:09: How fear of other people’s reactions prevent us from communicating boundaries.

12:41: How the COVID pandemic has helped us shift and change our boundaries

14:37: How comedians who aren’t shifting with new expectations about what is and isn’t appropriate, especially in light of new undertandings of being in right relationship with Black, Indigenous peoples, and racialized people.

21:38: How Nancy struggled with feeling like she fit in as a Vietnamese person growing up in a White-centering society.

29:21: How to speak up when someone “dumps” bad energy on you unexpectedly.

31:52: Strategies for identifying your own boundaries and communicating them.

35:18: Cultural influences on the way we set boundaries.

37:16: Is loyalty more important than setting new boundaries?

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