When Nice Girls Set Boundaries with Seryna Myers

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In this episode you’ll meet sacred transformation mentor Seryna Myers, who helps us understand the sacredness of anger. In our culture, we try to either push down our own anger, or we try to help other people not feel anger. But the truth is if we can feel anger and move through that that’s actually incredibly helpful to ourselves, and to the people that we share spaces with.

This interview is so powerful: Seryna brings such a calm to any space she’s in. We talk about energetic sovereignty, and also how curiosity can save us.

Seryna is a sacred transformation mentor and author of the book Sacred Anger. Her divinely guided coaching guides recovering people pleasers. Seryna has personal and professional commitment to exploring the shadow side of light work in safe and sacred spaces are what make her coaching programs have deep and lasting impact.

You can connect with Seryna here:


The Nice Girl’s Guide to Luscious Living: the secrets behind getting more of what you want

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4:24 Seryna’s definitions of boundaries

6:21 How being a nice girl is built into the social construct of being a woman and how that impedes our ability to set boundaries

7:51 How the pandemic has brought a positive change and wiped the slate clean for folks who want to set new boundaries

12:39 Setting new boundaries and not letting everyone in on shifts and growth that is happening in Seryna’s personal life

15:45 Media and advertisers’ ability to take advantage of the fact that their audiences have “checked out” and struggle with¬† their mind body connection

17:15 Seryna’s personal experience in setting boundaries, which began with a sad event at the age of 17

20:47 The uncomfortable truth of being a people pleaser / nice girl

24:06 Energetic sovereignty and denying others the experience of allowing them to navigate life themselves by doing it with them

28:57 The relationship between capacity and boundaries; how do you KNOW what your capacity is?

33:14 The way to discover your energetic baseline and thus your boundaries

35:13 The benefits of just saying “No”

38:57 How empaths respond to emails in an efficient and respectful way

44:53: TicTok and Schitt’s Creek: How we manage our personal boundaries around media and tech


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